Last Updated 04.01.2021
Street Fighter's professional dream team.
Global leaders in the fighting game scene.

The world’s most famous fighting game players have assembled. Shining career achievements and dynamic personalities. That's Team Beast.
Daigo Umehara, hailed as “The Beast” the world over, helms this team of seasoned players , all of whom have stood in the global top ranks for many years. Their reputation and impact extend well beyond their own industry.

世界で最も有名な格闘ゲーマーが集結した。輝かしい功績と多様性。それがTeam Beast。世界中でBeast(ビースト)と崇められるウメハラを筆頭に、長きに渡りグローバルでトップレベルに立ち続けるプレイヤーたち。彼らの名声と影響力は業界を超えて轟く。

  • Daigo Umehara
    Real Name: Daigo Umehara
    Nickname: “The Beast”
    Nationality: Japan
    Pro Debut: 2010 (Japan’s first pro gamer)
    Game: Street Fighter
    Current Sponsors: HyperX, Red Bull, Mildom
    本名: 梅原大吾
    ニックネーム: “The Beast”
    国籍: 日本
    プロデビュー: 2010年(日本初のプロゲーマー誕生)
    種目: Street Fighter
    スポンサー: HyperX, Red Bull, Mildom
    Admired around the world as a “living legend,” Daigo’s name is known to all within the gaming space. His charisma and superhuman play skills have earned him the label “The Michael Jordan of Fighting Games,” giving him a prominent voice that roars well beyond the realm of gaming. Daigo is the author of an Amazon best-selling book, has produced a manga series, given lectures for both universities and business events, and produces his own popular livestreaming show—he is constantly breaking new ground. Since becoming world champion at age seventeen, Daigo has shone on the global stage, racking up numerous wins and honors over a career spanning more than twenty years.

    This is a man who challenges himself each and every day.

  • Fuudo
    Real Name: Keita Ai
    Nickname: Fuudo
    Nationality: Japan
    Pro Debut: 2012
    Game: Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Gunslinger, Shadowverse, APEX Legends
    Current Sponsors: Razer, Mildom
    本名: 阿井慶太
    ニックネーム: ふ~ど
    国籍: 日本
    プロデビュー: 2012年
    種目: Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Gunslinger, Shadowverse, APEX Legends
    スポンサー: Razer, Mildom
    Making an early name for himself as a Virtual Fighter player, Fuudo went on to win the Street Fighter category at his first-ever EVO in 2011, establishing his position as a top Street Fighter player. Since then he has continued to achieve high results on the global stage, placing 3rd at EVO 2014, 2nd in 2016, and 3rd in 2018.

    Fuudo boasts an aggressive but always cool-headed and calculating play style. In recent years, he has worked to help foster women and young players as a mentor.
    早くしてバーチャプレイヤーとして国内で名を轟かせた後、2011年に初出場のEVOでストリートファイター部門優勝を収め、トップ・ストリートファイターとしての地位を確立した。その後も、EVO 2014で3位、16年に準優勝、18年に3位と、継続的に世界の大舞台で好成績を残し続ける。

  • PR Balrog
    Real Name: Eduardo Perez
    Nickname: PR Balrog
    Nationality: Puerto Rico, United States
    Pro Debut: 2012
    Event: Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Injustice, Overwatch
    Current Sponsors: Mildom
    本名: エドワルド・ペレズ
    ニックネーム: PR Balrog
    国籍: 米国領プエルトリコ
    プロデビュー: 2012年
    種目: Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Gunslinger, Shadowverse, APEX Legends
    スポンサー: Mildom
    The strongest fighting game player to come out of Puerto Rico. Eduardo took 5th place at his first EVO appearance in 2009. Since his brilliant global debut, he has continued racking up achievements across numerous large-scale tournaments.

    Aside from Street Fighter, Eduardo is adept in a multitude of fighting games, including the Marvel vs. Capcom and Injustice series. Contrasting with his aggressive, risk-embracing play style is a bright and cheerful character with a permanent smile.
    プエルトリコが生んだ最強の格闘ゲーマー。2009年に初出場のEVO で5位入賞を果たす。輝かしいグローバルデビュー以来、数々の大型大会で功績を収め続けている。

  • Infexious
    Real Name: DC Colman
    Nickname: Infexious
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Pro Debut: 2019
    Event: Street Fighter
    Current Sponsors: Mildom
    本名: ディーシー・コールマン
    ニックネーム: Infexious
    国籍: 英国
    プロデビュー: 2019年
    種目: Street Fighter
    スポンサー: Mildom
    Infexious is a Street Fighter player who represents Europe with a resilient mentality and strategic play style. After participating in a tournament in 2019 in his hometown of Manchester, DC continued fighting at the global level while balancing his passion for fighting games with academics, earning numerous titles for himself throughout Europe. At Red Bull Kumite 2017, he bested a string of the world’s top players including Daigo Umehara and PR Balrog, finishing in 3rd place and making a name for himself around the world. In 2017, he was nominated for the UK Esports Player of the Year Award, while in 2018 he was nominated Red Bull UK Esports Player of the Month for November.

    In 2019 DC finished his academic studies and became a pro gamer, racking up even more incredible achievements on the global stage.
    強固なメンタルと戦略的なプレイが光る欧州を代表するストリートファイター。2009年に地元英国マンチェスターの大会への出場をきっかけに、格闘ゲームへの熱意と学業を両立させながらグローバルレベルで戦い続け、数々のタイトルを欧州で収めている。 「Red Bull Kumite 2017」においては、ウメハラ選手やPRバルログ選手などの世界のトッププレイヤーを次々に下し3位に輝き、その名を世界的に知らしめた。2017年には「英国eスポーツ大賞」、2018年には「レッドブル英国eスポーツ賞」を受賞。

    2019年に学業を終えプロに転じ、 さらに輝かしい功績を世界舞台で収めている。